Moss Style Tip Of The Week – Pocket Squares / Handkerchiefs

Through the ages they have gone through many a change and purpose, from flaunting your social class to wiping the snuff from your nose. In this day and age the pocket square has less of a practical meaning, becoming a significant style item in the last 5 years. They started life in China during the Chou dynasty although nothing was known of the pocket square until Richard II stopped people blowing their noses on their sleeve.

Just slipping a square into your top pocket can leave you looking very suave and sophisticated.

Choosing the right material is important but not crucial, it all depends on what look you want to go for. Cotton squares will have the more contemporary designs on and are the most popular;  silk looks splendid when puff-folded in a breast pocket. Linen squares have a grainy texture and look great in the spring/summer season.

When it comes to selecting your square for your business suit consider the matter sensitivity, some people hold that it must be white, though blue and pastel colours are considered fine. Your square should not match your tie but merely contrast with it; it should complement the colour of the shirt.

The next challenge is deciding which fold looks the best with your suit.  We have highlighted our three favourite folds.

The Puffed Fold

Pocket Square in the Puffed Fold




The bottom of the square is inserted into the pocket so that the puffed body  is exposed with casual grace.

The Square-End Fold

The Square End Fold

Fold the square to fit the size of your pocket, insert and expose no more than 2 centimetres above the rim of the pocket.

The Multi-Point Fold

The Multi Point Fold




The number of points is your choice. Fold the square diagonally then back over its self, do this until you have achieved your required number of points then insert into the top pocket.



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