Diamond Jubilee Guide!

As the queen is celebrating 60 years of monarchy there’s cause for celebration up and down the country. With plenty of amazing events taking place we’ve chosen our key two, along with this we’ve put together the outfits you should be wearing!

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

On Sunday the 3rd of June over 1000 boats will take to the river Thames in preparation for Her Majesty the Queen to take part within the Jubilee Pageant. The event will take place from 2pm to 6pm, vessels of all types will be voyaging down river from Battersea Bridge to Tower Bridge.  This will be one of the largest flotillas to ever be displayed on the river Thames. Don’t miss out on the gun salute just down River of London Bridge!

This will surely draw a large crowd so don’t be late!

The regality of this event means you don’t want to go too under dressed, we’d suggest some jeans and a light colored polo shirt finished with a regatta jacket (it’s bound to get chilly late evening by the river). You can even add a floral or spotted handkerchief if you want to show off!

Striped Regatta Jacket, White DKNY polo shirt & Blazer Shoes

Epsom Derby

If you want to keep up with the queen then head down to the Epsom Derby, she’ll be attending what’s classed as the greatest flat race in the world, winnings can top up to £1.5 million! We’ve been told tickets have been sold out for the Queens stand but you can still get in the Grandstand, Tattenham and Lonsdale enclosures.

It’s going to be fairly hot so wear light colour’s, avoid black for fear of drawing in the sun. The dress code is more relaxed than Ascot but at no cost should you wear any form of sportswear or ripped denim.

A great outfit for this would be some lightweight linen trousers, breathable cotton shirt and linen jacket it will keep you cool but still keep you looking the part, if it’s too hot the jacket can be removed and if it’s cold in the evenings you can just put it back on! It’s your choice on the tie but to stick with the true British theme we’ve selected a red and blue silk number.


If you’re going to one of the thousands of street parties in Britain then you may want to just add some patriotism to your outfit, we’ve got some excellent little accessories to do just this!

Red White and Blue Silk Hankies


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