Get The Look

Renowned as an R&B artist, model and Hollywood actor, Tyrese Gibson is a celebrity in touch with fashion and style. At the recent premiere of ‘Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon’, Tyrese effortlessly pulls off this single breasted grey suit. The metallic slim tie accentuates the contemporary style, and combined with the simple white handkerchief in the breast pocket, Tyrese has given the outfit a more distinctive, sharp look.

We’ve put our own spin on Tyrese’s sartorial look…

Tyrese GibsonThis single breasted silver grey suit by Calvin Klein is, like Tyson’s suit, ultra- contemporary.

This dark silver tie by Ventuno will provide a sophisticated twist, giving the look a suave and detailed finish.

The plain white single cuff shirt by Calvin Klein similarly has a short collar, reinforcing the outfit’s smart and sophisticated appearance.

Pull off the ‘handkerchief look’ with this STG pure silk handkerchief. The simple design will compliment both the suit and tie, maintaining the metallic, contemporary style.

Article submitted by Caroline Hawkins


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